How to wheelie

how to wheelie

The Wheelie is a classic bike technique that is very easy to learn and looks impressive especially when you got great distances. Today, I show you a very helpful video about wheelie. To perform wheelie, the first step to have a good wheelie is to make sure your seat is set up correctly. You should be sitting down and in control while performing wheelie. If you see it is too low or too high, you can not wheelie probably. So, raise the seat up or down a bit until getting comfortable and controllable.

To perform wheelie, lean over the fun to the bike, pull up and lean back. At the same time, stamp on the pedals to help raise the front of the bike and then keep peddling. The most common mistake is people having a front wheel too low. The only way they can keep it up is by peddling faster and faster which eventually means you have to stop as you run out gears. You need to find a balance point and to lock for the back.

In the correct position, you should be at a pedal at a slower pace while keeping control. If your front end stops to drop just push a little harder on the pedals to bring it back up. If it feels like you are coming back, just tap the brakes. This will lower the front.
With practice you will soon be wheeling all the way home.

Thanks for watching the video. Hope you like it 🙂



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