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This is a collection of bikes guide on my website that I collect from the Internet and experience by myself

Evaluation of bike frame materials

Materials of mountain bikes could be numerous. Traditionally, steel is used. However, with the development of material technology, many other materials has developed and replace steels such as Aluminum and carbon fiber. In this post, I want to mention four types of materials that usually used in frame manufacturing: Steel, Aluminum, Titanium and Carbon fiber. Continue reading

Adult Mountain Bike Sizing Chart

Hello everyone, choosing the right bike size is extremely important. It is, however, always a challenge for those who want to purchase either their first bike or their next bike. In fact, mountain bikes are also much different between road bikes or electrical bikes. Because the environment is mostly off-road and rough area, many components must be strong, durable, big and even lightweight. With those components, the bikers have to fit their bikes. There are two factors of the bikers that determine the size of a mountain bike. They are inseam and height. Below is the sizing chart for adult mountain bikes that you need to look at before decide buying a mountain bike

mountain bikes reviews - sizing chart