5 essential skills for mountain bike riders

Hello everyone, It’s been a while since my last post. Today I’d like to introduce a video that teaches you many essential mountain biking skills.


1. Trackstand: this one is very useful in situations of low speed. You need to turn your front wheel into slope and then put pressure into your front pedal.

2. Wheelie: well, this is the traditional one. I believe that you have already done this before. You can find many wheelie tutorial on Youtube. I also dedicate a video about this technique. Visit HERE.

bunny hop

3. Bunny hop: the bunny hop is similar to wheelie. You need to use your hips to lift the front wheel, do not pull on the bars. Visit my post about bunny hop at HERE.

side hop
4. Side hop: this is same method with bunny hop. You need to add a twist and pull on one side of the bike.

5. Endo/Stoppie: This technique requires you to bring your hips forward and apply the front brake.

Now, let’s enjoy the video 🙂

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